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"MMMS - Zarkov and Co"

"MMMS - Zarkov and Co" GP was founded in 1991 in Sofia and is engaged in the business of repair of hydraulic units and cylinders, maintenance, repair and reconstruction of lifting equipment and heavy equipment, as well as the manufacturing and installation of a vast range of metal products and structures.

On a production area of 5 decares, the company has its own metalworking and repair shop and a carpentry workshop, equipped with the necessary technological appliances – milling cutters (including a wood milling machine), lathe machines (including a pipe cutting lathe and a carpentry lathe with copier), a boring machine, а guillotine, presses up to 100 tons, round and flat grinder, welding machines, а surface planing machine, а circular saw, а band saw, etc. We have the capacity for processing individual single details as well as serial production.

With more than 20 years in the business, our team of qualified specialists possesses the experience and problem-solving skills necessary for tackling any difficult and/or unconventional technical task.

"MMMS - Zarkov and Co."‘s success over the years is due to the quality of its products, compliance with deadlines and competitive prices.